Interview with the moral truth (youtuber)

Hello there,
I have interviewed the moral truth, a youtuber that has accepted my collaboration request and has send me these answers! Check it out!

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Moral Truth, and I am a lot of things haha. Gamer, vlogger, streamer, voice actor, motivator, podcast host, just to name a few. I am based in California in the United States.

What do you do on youtube?

On YouTube, I do sit-down vlogs, travel vlogs, and I host a podcast. My sit-down vlogs tend to be either discussions or storytelling, so I have two separate series for those genres. My travel vlogs have a similar format to my discussion videos, except my clips are what I record outdoors. My podcast is called “Moral’s Podcast” and topics mainly pertain to Internet culture and philosophy.

What is the mission of the channel?

My channel’s mission is to share my perspective on the world, and have other small creators do the same on my podcast. I like to give out a chill/relaxing vibe on my content, something you don’t always see on YouTube.

When did you start and what did make you start?

I started out my channel around April 2015. I have a passion for gaming, and I wanted to share that joy through gaming videos on YouTube. I used to watch a few RuneScape videos here and there at the time, so that’s what I started out with. I branched out to other games such as CS:GO and Overwatch a while after. After a year or so, I transitioned to vlogs and podcasts on YouTube because I wanted to do more in my channel than playing games. Gaming channels are pretty much all over the place on YouTube, and I honestly wasn’t standing out enough. It also got tedious editing gaming videos, so I found it easier for me to just livestream games on Twitch. I’m more passionate about doing vlogs and podcasts, because I like sharing my perspective on various topics, and sharing stories.

Is there a video you're especially proud of?

I would have to say my Moral Attempts Voice Acting video that I did for 100 subscribers. It took me over two years to reach that milestone, and I’m happy with how my channel is slowly growing. It was also great to see myself try new things outside of what I usually do on my channel.

What are your goals for next year?

I don’t have a specific goal that I want to reach in terms of views, subs, etc. I just want to keep making content I enjoy, make more smiles, and collab with more small creators. My YouTube journey has its ups and downs, and I have learned a lot from almost three years of content creation.

Why should people watch your channel? Anything in particular?

I mean, people don’t have to check out my channel if they don’t want to. If you are into chill discussions, life stories and more, then come on down to the Moral Truth channel. Any feedback at all is very much appreciated. Other than that, thank you for giving me the platform to share my content, and I hope you all have a nice day!


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